Concrete Care


A Guide for the New Owner

Our customers are smart…first, for choosing GT Concrete to realize their dreams, but then are armed with information on how to keep their dreams a reality for a long time to come. Here’s how to take care of your new project to ensure that you’ll enjoy it for a long time.

One advantage decorative concrete has over other materials is its few maintenance requirements. Be sure to read the guide below to ensure long-lasting beauty and integrity of your new concrete project.



As a general rule, keep off excess dirt, sand and leaves by simply sweeping or hosing off your project. Every 2-4 years, be sure to apply a light coat of sealer. Note: do not seal every year, this will result in a build up of sealer and cause the sealer to cloud up and will need to be stripped off. Allow the sealer to wear off with normal use, then apply a light coat sealer to bring it back to its original appearance.

Paverseal sealer is the sealer used by GT Concrete. It is a 100 % acrylic sealer manufactured right here in Michigan by PMS (Paver Maintenance Specialists). They also provide sealer stripping and reapplying of new sealer. Visit their web site or call them at 1-886-786-9500. Paver sealer can be purchased at Paverseal Maintenance, located at 30 Mile and Romeo Plank roads or at Mini-mix Concrete, located at 15 Mile and Kelly roads; their number is 586-792-2260.

GT Concrete will soon have Paverseal Sealer available to customers at a discounted price; please call us for more details.



Using a 3/8-nap roller, simply apply a light coat to a clean, dry surface, let dry for three hours. A non-slip additive can be added to the sealer, also available at Theut products. Lights Lights in your concrete project should not be on for more than 4 hours a day. Keep lights plugged in during winter. It is very important that no salt be thrown near or around the lights. Salt will eventually corrode the light socket. It is recommended that lights be installed only in patios, steps and walkways, and not recommended for driveways or any surface that may require salting.

In the event of a light going out, contact GT concrete to replace the bulb, or do it yourself by following the instructions below. (Replacement parts available at Theut products)

Using a flathead screwdriver, begin to pry around the edge of the cap until it pops out; be patient, this can take several minutes. Or, simply poke a hole in the cap and pry it out. This way you’ll need to replace the cap, but keep in mind that replacement caps are inexpensive. Before replacing the bulb, make sure the bulb is really burned out: examine the old bulb and make sure the prongs are pointed away from the bulb ensuring a connection with the socket. Many times the bulb is simply not making a connection.

If the bulb is burned out and replaced with a new bulb, tap in the cap using a plastic or rubber hammer mallet. This will require some force to tap back into place. Be sure that the area where the cap needs to fit is free of any debris or the cap will not fit properly. Following these simple tips will ensure years of enjoyment and pride from your new concrete addition.